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As an OEM manufacturer you are reacting daily to decrease the cost of your product while still being asked to meet exceedingly demanding customer requirements. Our experts can assist you to achieve requirements relative to increasing productivity, achieving sustainability objectives, or producing "smart" machines that will provided usable data for their executives. All with a keen eye on supplying lean control solutions and decreasing their total cost of ownership.
Whether it be supplying components, designing and manufacturing complete control panels, or engineering consultation, our Automation Division is here to help you meet all of your objectives.

Are you interested in driving productivity and minimizing downtime in your manufacturing facility? Our Industrial Services Division is uniquely qualified to assist. Our team can provide engineering support for your existing equipment, train your workforce, managing your MRO asset reliability and storeroom, or identify and devise programs to evaluate and replace your automation obsolescence risks. Contact us today to discuss your unique challenges.

Whether you are wiring a house or managing a large industrial project we can help you get to the finish line. We represent and stock many of the most respected manufacturers in the industry including Siemens, Hubbell Lighting, Crouse Hinds, General Cable, Rockwell Automation and many more. On top of that our experienced salespeople and project people will ensure that your products are shipped to your job-site correctly, and on time. Contact us today to explore further.

Food and Beverage facilities are subject to some of the toughest requirements in manufacturing. Product traceability, producing consistent quality product, controlling operating costs, meeting environmental considerations, meeting cyclical consumer demand, all while adhering to federal food safety requirements.
We have people, products, and services in place to help you address all of the above challenges and more. Whether it be specifying control products to meet your unique classifications and ratings to assisting you in evaluating your plant floor equipment to prepare you for gaining the business intelligence of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Winkle is here to help. Contact us today to explore the possibilities.

New environmental standards in the oil, gas and petrochemicals industry combined with increasingly more robust constraints has made it a much more complex industry. Winkle Electric can assist you work your way through this maze with robust products from leading edge suppliers that meet the strictest quality standards. Our value-add services make your projects a breeze with everything from JIT delivery services to product kitting, product start up. Let us assist you with a tailored plan to help you meet your objectives.

JIT delivery solutions, inventory management, cost optimization, and energy savings are only a portion of the services required to maximize your efficiencies. Winkle Electric?s Industrial Services division was put in place with facilities like yours in mind. Selling parts is just the beginning at Winkle. Our Industrial Services Group includes well trained technicians versed in what it takes to accomplish the above-mentioned requirements and more. In addition, our sales personnel are experts in collaborating with your key people to put together a customized plan to meet your unique requirements.

Water and wastewater treatment plants are a critical part of any community?s infrastructure. The handling of water and wastewater is becoming increasingly complex due to changing technology and stringent regulations. Winkle Electric not only ensures that your plant has the electrical supplies needed to successfully manage the handling of water and wastewater, but also the expertise to specify and apply them. Our in-house product specialists are uniquely qualified and trained to be an extension of your personnel. Whether it be specifying a safety relay to upgrading your process control platform we can help.

Challenging working conditions and a hazardous environment are only a few of the challenges encountered in the mining and metal industries. Working with the mining and metals industries involves responding to a specification that is very strict in terms of safety. High quality and durability are non-negotiable. Winkle Electric?s close relationship with the leading suppliers in the industry make us uniquely qualified to meet all of your requirements. In addition, our solutions specialists live and breath in the industrial sector and add another robust layer of support.