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The Winkle Electric Company, was founded in 1944 by the brothers Vic and Jack Winkle. The company's original charter was as an electrical apparatus service shop and manufacturer of induction heating equipment for the aluminum extrusion industry. Shortly after the company's founding, Vic and Jack decided to separate and the JB Winkle Co. was formed by Jack Winkle. Though no longer a direct competitor of The Winkle Electric Co., the JB Winkle Electric Co. is still in existence. In 1951/52 two young electrical engineers joined the company in sales positions. These two men, Joseph A. Hartman Jr. and Larry Teaberry Sr. eventually purchased the assets of the company in 1961, after the untimely death of Vic Winkle. Both men were actively involved in the daily operation of the company until 1986. At this time, Mr. Hartman's interest in the company was acquired by Mr. Teaberry and Mr. Hartman retired.

In 1992, the company was purchased by Richard Teaberry and Larry Teaberry Jr.--who are the current owners. In 2002, the company further expanded by the addition of a distribution branch in Erie, Pennsylvania and a sales office in Seneca, Pennsylvania. While much has changed over the years, the basic principles that the company was founded on have not. The Winkle Electric Company is committed to being the highest value provider of goods and services in the Ohio/Pennsylvania corridor. We will do this by affiliating our company with premier lines that the electrical industry can provide.