Company Divisions

Electrical Supply

Winkle Electric houses among the region’s most extensive inventory of parts and supplies from literally dozens of electrical manufacturers. And in those rare cases when we don’t have what you need in stock, we can get it almost immediately. Also, Winkle offers clients customized, automated ordering and shipping processes to accommodate the "just in time" arrival of assembly components.

High Tech Automation

If you depend on technology to keep your organization competitive, you can depend on us. Winkle Electric's High-Tech Automation Division employs 6 full-time product specialists offering a variety of solutions to improve both productivity and quality. We take a systematic approach to automation, putting products and people together to produce results.

Integrated Services

Winkle Electric’s Integrated Services Division exists to provide solutions that go far beyond providing top-quality products. Winkle Electric is committed to "being an integral part of our customers’ success". We are invested in our clients' long-term success. We equate your costs to an iceberg. The part that is showing is the most easily seen and often times the easiest to remedy—your material costs. This is a critical part of your success and we work with customers on a daily basis to ensure that they are purchasing state-of-the-art products at "best of class" pricing levels. For many of our customers we are taking those relationships to a new level and delving "under the water" to help spot problemsand offer solutions to lower costs in areas that don't have catalog numbers.

Eco Solutions

As internal and external pressures increase for businesses to become more green and efficient in processes, Winkle has recognized the need to create a specialized team to help our customers achieve cost savings while reducing their energy consumption. The creation of a division devoted to providing customers with energy savings solutions is a logical step for Winkle Electric, whose mission is to be an integral part of our customers’ success by matching our distinct competencies with their unique opportunities and challenges.

"Scott Kennemuth, Eco Solutions Division Manager Now a LEED-Certified Green Associate"

Custom Control

When the mission involves making a variety of electrical components work together to control a process, a machine or an assembly... chances are that control panels play a vital role in your operation. And when it comes to top-quality control panels, no one builds them better than Winkle Electric's Custom Control Division. With over a half-century of experience, state-of-the-art equipment and the very best components, Winkle has what it takes to get it done right—right from the start.